Nehru Planetarium Mumbai

One of India's finest architects J.M.Kadri designed this beautiful landmark building which houses Nehru Planetarium. Nehru Centre of Science is also located here. 8 Kms. from the city centre is located a centre telling about the universe. It unfolds the mysteries of the cosmos. They also screen regular film shows on the outer space, which are of particular interest for children. Close by is the Nehru Science centre, which is a science park, and permanent exhibits on intricacies of life. The antique models of Railway engines, aeroplanes, tramcar and steam lorry are exciting to see. Nehru Planetarium is the only astronomical centre in Mumbai, which is also a concert cum movie auditorium. This is the place, recreating the image of the sky as seen from anywhere on the earth at any time. It exhibits collections of lunar and astronomical photographs.

This place is usually packed with school children so make sure you buy your ticket in advance. Adjacent to the planetarium is the Nehru Centre, venue of numerous international trade fairs and local exhibitions. In the basement, the Nehru Auditorium usually boasts classical music and dance recitals, concerts and plays. This planetarium is part of the Nehru Centre complex and an excellent place to bring children for educational programs. It holds regular audio-visual shows on astronomy. The Nehru Science Museum, also part of the complex, is an interesting experience as well. Late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in the memory of her late father and India's first Prime Minister, Jawarharlal Nehru inaugurated the Nehru Planetarium. Rated as one of the best in the country, this planetarium increases the scientific curiosity of a visitor. It is a popular place of interest amongst students. The planetarium recreates an image of the sky as seen from anywhere on the earth, at any time, past, present or future. In the auditorium, a breathtaking 'Sky Show' captures the very essence of our outer space. Two hundred projectors are simultaneously trained onto a hemispherical ceiling made of aluminum, giving a realistic effect. The hemispherical ceiling is actually the dome that can be viewed from outside the building

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